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Kids Classes

Kids Classes
Ages 6-12 Years

Is your child hyper? Is he/she reserved? Do you feel like they need more exercise? How about athletically gifted, or challenged? Do they get bullied in school? Anxiety and stress too high for their age? Then we are PERFECT for them! Hyper kids will be allowed to burn extra energy in a proper and safe setting. Shy kids will break out of their shell and learn to lead classes and help others. Confidence levels will soar and with guidance they will learn to handle bully situations in as peaceful of a manner possible. Kids need plenty of exercise! Saying that we know everyone is different, but we do our best to bring the most out of each individual. Applying the tenants and techniques of Tae Kwon Do, getting the correct amount of exercise, living and eating healthily, and learning to set and obtain your goals is our focus in the kids classes at A2 Black Belt Academy. Give your child every advantage and come in today.

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