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At Ann Arbor Black Belt Academy, we have classes for everyone!

With specific programs designed for the individual, we can help instill focus in hyper active children and help reserved kids “break out their shell” in our lil dragons program, better preparing them for their immediate future and burning their extra energy in a proper setting, while obtaining lifelong understanding. Our kids classes will build self confidence and strengthen character by creating controlled scenarios including bullying situations and teaching the student how to handle them, all while emphasizing respect for ourselves and others. For advanced students and those wanting to compete in tournament Tae Kwon Do, A2 Black Belt offers the DaeDo truscore electronic scoring system in house, and classes weekly training with them. Adult classes with us will empower women and people with disability teaching you precise ways within your ability to disband an attacker, giving yourself a true sense of security and confidence. Seniors only classes will improve energy levels, flexibility, and well being for senior citizens, with low intensity exercises and stretching routines that will improve cardio vascular health and mobility. Ann Arbor Black Belt Academy prides ourselves with the service we provide to our students. Come and see us today!

  • Lil' Dragons

    Lil' Dragons

    Ages 3-5 Years

    Lil Dragon classes teach young children self respect and self discipline, while building their self confidence and advancing their physical ability. Learning proper techniques and applying the tenants of Tae

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  • Kids Classes

    Kids Classes

    Ages 6-12 Years

    Is your child hyper? Is he/she reserved? Do you feel like they need more exercise? How about athletically gifted, or challenged? Do they get bullied in school? Anxiety and stress

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  • Adult Classes

    Adult Classes

    Ages 13 Years & Up

    Whether you have always known, or are just trying it with the kids, We admire your commitment to yourself and your children, and strive to bring you the service you

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  • Family Classes

    Family Classes

    All Ages & Ranks

    Family Classes give you a great opportunity to share in an activity that your child has interest in. While doing so you might just get into the best shape of

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  • Seniors-Only Classes

    Seniors-Only Classes

    Ages 55 & Older

    Seniors Only Classes give Senior Citizens a chance to get out and get in shape in the comfort of likewise company. We utilize a low intensity exercise and stretching routines

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